2018 Sportage
Speed Limited Information Function

Speed Limited Information Function (SLIF)

The SLIF gives you all the necessary information to help you stay within the limits. Using the camera on the windscreen, it reads speed limit signs along the road and overtaking restrictions, and displays the posted speed beside the speedometer and on the navigation screen. Available from the '2' upwards,

Kia Sportage Reversing Camera System

Reversing Camera System

The reversing camera is activated when reverse gear is selected. The full-colour screen is displayed on the satellite navigation screen and includes superimposed lines to help guide the driver into a parking space (available on '2'/'KX-2' upward)

2018 Sportage Interior
Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

AEB is amongst the brand new safety features available on the Sportage. Many accidents are caused by late braking and/or braking with insufficient force. AEB systems improve safety in two ways - firstly, they help avoid accidents by identifying critical situations early and warning the driver and secondly they reduce the severity of crashes which cannot be avoided by lowering the speed of collision and, in some cases, by preparing the vehicle and restraint systems for impact. Available on the '4', 'KX-4' and 'KX-5'

Sportage Heated Seats

Heated front and outer rear seats, and ventilated front seats

Keeping you beautifully cool in summer and cosy in the chilly months. Available from the '3' upwards.

Wireless Mobile Phone Charger

Wireless mobile phone charger

Enjoy the latest in technology with a wireless mobile phone charger. By using an electromagnetic field, the driver can avoid the inconvenience and interference of charging through a wire.

Requires compatible smartphone. Please check with your Kia dealer for mobile phone compatibility. Available on 'KX-5' and 'GT-Line S'.

DAB Radio With MP3

DAB radio with MP3

The Sportage range now features DAB radio with MP3 compatibility and a 6-speaker stereo system as standard. DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) radio picks up a digital Broadcast signal, producing better sound and offering a wider choice of channels.