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Drum roll. Here it is, Kia’s most surprising and extraordinary crossover ever built. Introducing the All-New Kia Niro crossover hybrid. With this car, you will experience the top qualities of a modern crossover: compact exterior, roomy and refined interior, harmoniously blended with the best talents of a true hybrid, highly efficient engine with great fuel economy and low emissions. Can’t wait to test drive it? It’s coming this August - register here for more information.


Kia Niiro Hybrid Utility Vehicle

Kia's first hybrid vehicle and the first hybrid vehicle taking on the guise of an SUV, hence the HUV name Hybrid Utility Vehicle.


Modern and sophisticated in design, this new low-emission Hybrid Crossover incorporates the practicality and aesthetic allure of a compact SUV, with a sleek, aerodynamic body and subtly sculptured surfaces. It also features a dedicated hybrid powertrain under the bonnet, specifically developed for this new model. More details to follow!


Kia Niro Hybrid - Available from Marsh Kia Exeter

Jointly designed at Kia’s styling centres in Irvine, California, and Namyang, Korea, the Niro HUV (Hybrid Utility Vehicle) is the first car in the brand’s portfolio to make use of its “all-new, dedicated eco-car platform.” Falling approximately into the subcompact-crossover segment size-wise, the somewhat boldly designed Niro is the latest step in the maker’s quest to nearly triple its global lineup of green cars by 2020. It's also Kia's first dedicated hybrid and will aim to lure Toyota Prius shoppers to the Kia fold.


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The Strong and Safe Type

Specifically engineered to house a new gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain, the platform underpinning the Niro consists of 53 percent high-strength steel, including reinforcements in the A- and B-pillars and roof rails. Even with its relatively wide and low proportions, large wheel arches, rocker cladding, roof rails, and rear skid plate, the Niro still manages to earn a slippery 0.29 coefficient of drag, says Kia. The firm is targeting a combined EPA fuel-efficiency rating of 50 mpg.

Strength and slipperiness are admirable qualities, but saving weight also is key to the Niro’s mission. To shave pounds, engineers utilized high-strength steel for the seat frames, fitted an aluminium hood and tailgate and used aluminium for several suspension elements (including the front lower control arms and front and rear knuckles) and the brake calipers. No component went unexamined, Kia says, including the brake pedal, which is made from fibre-reinforced plastic. Finally, the typical 12-volt battery has been ditched, its responsibilities now resting on the shoulders of the high-voltage lithium-ion polymer battery.


A 106.3-inch wheelbase lends the Niro crossover proportions, and an elevated seating position provides for good outward vision. The lithium-ion battery pack is stashed underneath the rear seat. The use of acoustic glass for the windshield and contoured side mirrors defend against wind noise, and extra sound-deadening material in the front structure and expanding foam in the A- and B-pillars help quiet road and tire noise.



Our demonstrator is here,  Heres our innitial launch video.


Kia Niro Hybrid dash display
Kia eco Hybrid Niro



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Kia Niro HUV Crossover SUV Hybrid Utility Vehicle - New 2016



Kia Niro - Flexible and roomy interior

Hybrid Karma

You can do great things if you have the right idea. That’s exactly the case with the All-New Kia Niro. Combining its crossover-inspired silhouette with low emissions, the Niro delivers impressive fuel economy in the crossover segment, as well as a unique driving experience: relaxing and yet energising.

Advanced smart cruise control
It's good to have an extra pair of eyes when you're driving. Sometimes you may not notice that your car is drifting into the next lane. When this happens, you'll get a quick warning from the beeping icon on your dashboard.
Blind Spot Detection with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert System
The Blind Spot Detection on the All-New Kia Niro will notify you of other vehicles in your blind spot. And when you park, the Rear Cross-Traffic Alert will look out for you as well.
8-inch navigation with Kia‘s Connected Services
Besides an excellent navigation system, the All-New Niro includes an impressive connectivity package to keep you up-to-date, while Android Auto™ lets you connect to your smartphone for hands-free use.


LED rear combination lamps


Groundbreaking. Game-changing. Great-looking.
A just-right utility vehicle, the Niro delivers generous cargo room, effortless manoeuvrability, and an elevated stance, while evolving beyond the bulkiness of ordinary utility vehicles. Its sporty driving feel defies hybrid connotations and invites more adventurous journeys.

The All-New Kia Niro attracts attention with its aerodynamic and sharp, modern lines. The Niro’s front is crowned by Kia’s signature grille and thrilling Bi-Xenon Lights, which can easily turn the darkest night into day.

Autonomous emergency braking

Autonomous Emergency Braking

The Kia autonomous emergency braking is a system that actively helps to avert a collision.

While it may sound complex, the technology is actually quite simple.

It works with sensors and a camera (placed upfront of the vehicle) that monitor the distance to the vehicles in front, as well as relative speed.

If the system detects a collision risk, it warns the driver with a sound in the cabin. If there’s no response, the system applies the brakes automatically to avoid the accident.

Automatic transmission

• 6-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT): STD

• Type: 1.6L GDI, aluminum block and head
• Valve System: DOHC, four valves/Atkinson cycle
• Horsepower: 103 hp @ 5200 rpm

• Horsepower: 43 hp (32 kW)
• Voltage: 240V
• Combined power: 146 hp, 195 lb. ft of torque