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We want to help you look after your car and ensure it’s the best it can be. Our professional Service and Parts department are on hand to ensure you receive the very best advice and support in maintaining and servicing your vehicle.

Our headlining Services Plans are also available to all our customers taking the hassle out of servicing and saving you money at the same time!



Marsh Kia New Workshop


In December 2015 we moved and expanded our workshop and increased our workshop capacity with the addition of two more ramps, now totalling five ramps and one MOT bay. We have also increased our workshop team by adding a sales technician, We now have three fully trained technicians and one Kia Master Technician to ensure we are providing the best service possible.

Marsh Kia Exeter Parts Store


We keep a large array of Kia parts in stock at all times and for the uncommon items we can normally get them overnight if they are ordered before 15.00pm.

Delivery, Collection

& Courtesy Cars

We have two drivers at our disposal and are happy to arrange collection and delivery of your vehicle for service appointments, along with courtesy cars by pre-arrangement.

MOT Offer


Our MOT usually costs £54.85 but if you book it for the same time as your service you will SAVE £14.85.


MOT for £40.00



Service Plans

Marsh Kia offer Service Plans which allow you to spread the cost of future servicing through simple monthly payments.

Just like our Care- 3 service packages, Service Plans are based on Kia service schedules including all parts, labour, engine oil and other lubricant requirements.

A Service Plan not only applies to new Kia vehicles but also to used Kia vehicles and existing customers can take up a Service Plan at any time to plan for future service requirements. A bespoke monthly payment plan can be calculated by us based on your model, annual mileage and your desired cover period.

For more information or just to discuss any of your servicing requirements, please call us on 01392 477377.


Can you afford to be without one of our Service Plans?


Kia Care 3

Kia Care -3

We also offer an exclusive service package across certain Kia models so you can make substantial savings on the cost of servicing your car. With Kia Care-3, enjoy a competitive fixed priced package on your first 3 car services, or the first 5 services with Kia Care-3 Plus.


Kia Care-3 and Kia Care-3 Plus benefits:

  • Fixed cost and inflation-proof servicing
  • Available for your first 3 or first 5 services on your new car
  • Your vehicle will receive a full Kia service history enhancing your resale value
  • Packages are transferable to the new owner if you sell your Kia
  • Our Kia trained technicians will only use genuine Kia parts, using the latest tools and diagnostic equipment
  • We also after a FREE collection and delivery service for all our Service customers, so don't even need to leave your home on the day!



3 services (Care-3)

5 services (Plus)

High Mileage (Care-3)

High Mileage (With MOT)

Picanto £299.00 £599.00 N/A N/A
Rio £299.00 £599.00 N/A (petrol)
£549.00 (diesel)
N/A (petrol)
£579.00 (diesel)
New Soul £339.00 £629.00 N/A (petrol)
£659.00 (diesel)
N/A (petrol)
£689.00 (diesel)
cee’d £329.00 £609.00 £499.00 (petrol)
£659.00 (diesel)
£529.00 (petrol)
£689.00 (diesel)
cee’d Sportswagon £329.00 £609.00 £499.00 (petrol)
£659.00 (diesel)
£529.00 (petrol)
£689.00 (diesel)
cee’d GT £399.00 £749.00 N/A N/A
pro_cee’d £329.00 £609.00 £499.00 (petrol)
£659.00 (diesel)
£529.00 (petrol)
£689.00 (diesel)
pro_cee’d GT £399.00 £749.00 N/A N/A
Optima £329.00 £609.00 £659.00 £689.00
Carens £329.00 £609.00 £599 (petrol)
£659.00 (diesel)
£629.00 (petrol)
£689.00 (diesel)
Sportage £329.00 £609.00 £599.00 (petrol)
(1.7 diesel)
(2.0 diesel)
£629.00 (petrol)
(1.7 diesel) 
(2.0 diesel)
Sorento £349.00 £649.00 £699.00 £729.00


Terms & Conditions


  • Kia Care- 3 and Kia Care- 3 Plus must be purchased within 11 calendar months from the date of first registration of the vehicle.
  • Kia Care- 3 and Kia Care- 3 Plus covers the first 3 or 5 scheduled services in line with Manufacturers time/mileage recommendations but does not include additional maintenance or repair for wear & tear items such as tyres, brake pads, bulbs, drive belts and fluid top up’s between services, etc.
  • Kia Care- 3 covers the cost of the parts, lubricants and labour involved in the first 3 manufacturer scheduled services (36 months or 30,000 miles, whichever milestone is reached sooner).
  • Kia Care- 3 Plus covers the cost of the parts, lubricants and labour involved in the first 5 manufacturer scheduled services (5 years or 50,000 miles, whichever milestone is reached sooner).
  • Kia Care- 3 ‘standard’ package is developed for customers covering a maximum annual mileage of 11,000 miles (10,000 miles per annum plus 1,000 miles grace period).
  • Should you purchase a ‘standard’ package and exceed the ‘standard’ package mileage certain service components on your car may need replacing - for which your dealer will charge you separately. This includes any additional parts, labour and oils required due to exceeding the mileage.
  • Kia Care- 3 and Kia Care- 3 Plus is only applicable to vehicles sold and registered to private retail customers.
  • Kia Care- 3 and Kia Care- 3 Plus is only applicable to parts and lubricants supplied and labour charges in the UK, although Kia Care- 3 may be purchased in respect of vehicles purchased in other parts of the EEC.
  • Servicing conducted under Kia Care- 3 and Kia Care- 3 Plus must be carried out in line with the Manufacturers time and mileage recommendations.
  • Service due dates are taken form the First Date of Registration of the vehicle.
  • You can arrange for servicing under Kia Care- 3 and Kia Care- 3 Plus to be carried out by any Kia Dealer or Authorised Repairer within the UK.
  • Kia Care- 3 and Kia Care- 3 Plus does not cover items that require replacement or repair due to excess wear and tear, misuse or a lack of maintenance as described in the owners handbook.
  • Any form of tuning or modification to your vehicle will invalidate Kia Care- 3 and Kia Care- 3 Plus, without the need for evidence that the tuning or modification has adversely affected your vehicle.
  • Replacement pollen filters are excluded from Kia Care- 3 and Kia Care- 3 Plus.
  • Replacement pollen filters are to be changed at the owners discretion and cost.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) at a rate of 20% is included in the purchase price.
  • Top up plans (fourth and fifth services) are only available for cars where a 3 service plan is already in place.


Cancellations & Transfers:


  • Should you wish to cancel your Kia Care- 3 or Kia Care- 3 Plus package, you have the right to do so within 14 days of purchase, providing you have not made use of it. Kia Care- 3 and Kia Care- 3 Plus cannot be cancelled/refunded after 14 days from purchase.
  • Kia Care- 3 and Kia Care- 3 Plus is assigned to the vehicle and not the owner. Therefore Kia Care- 3 and Kia Care- 3 Plus is transferable to subsequent owners but cannot be transferred to another vehicle.


High Mileage Users:


  • Kia Care- 3 is also available for higher mileage cee’d, cee’d Sportswagon, Optima, Sorento and Sportage customers.
  • Higher mileage users are defined as an annual mileage of between 11,001 to 20,000 miles.
  • The Care- 3 package for higher mileage users covers first 3 services only.


MOT Test Fee:


  • Kia Care- 3 Customers can purchase a first MOT test for £30, at participating dealers.
  • The MOT test fee is for the first Government MOT test and excludes the cost of any required repairs.
  • MOT fee is zero rated for VAT.
  • MOT test must be purchased at the same time as the Kia Care- 3 package, it cannot be purchased on its own.
  • MOT offer excludes Northern Ireland and Channel Islands.


Why not take advantage of our great value servicing and fix the price for your new Kia with Kia Care-3 today?!